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Pre-W5 Survey

Please complete this survey BEFORE participating in the W5 training program.


Demographic information is used to better understand certain background characteristics of an audience, whether it is age, race, ethnicity, income, work situation, marital status, etc.

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Child Abuse and Neglect Questions

Please read each and select your answers. Read statements and select if the statement is true (accurate) or false (inaccurate). Please read the questions and select answers.

All adult individuals are mandated to report any form of child abuse and neglect in North Carolina.
If I suspect a child is experiencing abuse or neglect, I need to talk to the child to confirm before I make a report?
I do not report abuse or neglect if it happened a long time ago.
I do not report child abuse if both the "victim" and "offender" are children.
I am required to give my name and phone number when making a report of child abuse and neglect.
If sexual abuse occurred, there will always be physical signs to prove it.
Spanking is not considered abuse as long as it is reasonable and causes no bodily injury to the child.
Child sexual abuse always involves physical contact and/or sexual intercourse with a child.
Children that are victims of abuse often know their abuser.
Children that witness chronic domestic violence in the home are experiencing a form of neglect.
The majority of children disclose their abuse immediately after it happens.
Unreported abuse and neglect can impact a child's physical health long-term.
I can provide a positive experience in a child's life that can offset adverse experiences that occurred.
The role of social services is to assess or investigate if a child has been abused, or is believed to be at risk of abuse, by someone who has caregiving responsibilities for that child.
The role of law enforcement is to investigate crimes, regardless of who committed them.
The law states that I am no longer obligated to make a report of child abuse so long as I communicate the information to someone who says they will make the report on my behalf.

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