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Facilitator's Post-Training Review

Having reached the conclusion of the training, your insights and perspectives are paramount. Your honest and comprehensive feedback holds immense significance, serving not only as a pivotal tool in gauging the program's effectiveness but also in identifying potential areas of improvement.


Were there any issues with the Pre-W5 survey?
Did any participants have to do the Post-W5 survey on paper at the end of the training? If yes, contact the CAC to coordinate turning in the forms for entry and data tracking.
Detail your experiences with the organization of this training (how was the equipment; how was the space/room size; was the time frame appropriate; etc.)
On a scale of 1 (the worst) and 10 (the best), rate your impression of the participants engagement - were they focused, were there any negative interactions, were there any positive interactions, etc.
Elaborate on the participants engagement:
On a scale of 1 (the worst) and 10 (the best), rate your experience as a facilitator - content knowledge, confidence level, are there areas you want to improve, etc.
Elaborate on your facilitator experience:
Would you recommend this group for any future training?
Does the CAC need to reach out to this group about prevention programming for children or other trainings offered? If yes, contact the CAC to share this information.
Any comments or suggestions for CAC staff to consider?

Thanks for submitting!

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